My Story




Hi, my name is stuart ,I am a photographer based in Honiton East Devon.

I guess its safe to say that I have a real passion for photography. It all started at an early age when I was fascinated by my fathers camera and I used to take any opportunity to get my hands on it and simply loved staring through the view finder and seeing how different the world looked through it. I also remember the joy I got from looking at old family photos and thinking how amazing it was that I could see what my parents were like at an early age and how fashion and culture had changed in such a relatively short time.

Having watched a lot of Sci fi as a kid,i was aware that time travel isn’t possible but this was probably as close to that as we were ever going to get.

So as a young Boy growing I took chance I got to take photos,which wasn’t easy in the 80s,as the cost of development was high and when you don’t have a job and only have limited pocket money life is touch. But I would use my fathers camera as much as I could and as I got a  bit older I saved my money and brought myself my first 35mm compact camera. I used it all the time, I took photos of my school trips, holidays and pretty much anything that I found interesting.

I still to this day look at these photos with a smile on my face and remember the friends that I used to have who have since moved on, the places that I visited as that little boy,  and wonder how they might have changed over the years, and those holidays that I took with my family that were so many years ago, and yet when I see the photos ,somehow I remember details that otherwise would be left in the past. That is the beauty of photography.

In the following years I lost touch with photography, as I navigated my way through my teenage years,  and then in my early 20s I made a life changing decision to go travelling. This reignited my passion for photography as  I knew that the experiences and I would have needed to be captured. I met incredible people, experiences different cultures and marvelled at some of the most insanely wonderful scenery that I have ever seen , And through all that my most important travel companion was my camera.

These travelling experiences showed me the joy and possibilities of taking photos and how there is life in things that are otherwise lifeless. Nature and wildlife are incredible. I remember going to the zoo as a child and seeing all the animal and being amazed, and yet it isn’t until you see them through the lens of a camera that you truly appreciate the vibrancy and complexity of nature. Similarly Landscapes are changing from moment to moment, Light and shade have the ability to alter the mood of a location or scene and the challenge of capturing these moods is exhilarating.

All of these experiences have made me the photographer that I am today, and in the last few years I have been blessed to have been able to slowly transition into sharing my passion  to help capture the lives of others so that they can remember there special moments the way that I remember mine.